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The Rejection & Commitment unbalanced balance

Today, we live in an era where we aren’t truly happy. We are all sad, stressed and consumed but the societies’ pressure and our bad habits. Rare are the people who are constantly happy and entirely satisfied with their lives. I… Continue Reading →

The sweet white drug you take everyday

I am today writing you about sugar, because everybody like it and cherish it, until calling the loved ones “sweetie”. After reading this letter, you may (or may not) change your mind about it. I was like all other young people,… Continue Reading →

One Doodle a day keeps the therapist away

In the era of stress and speed, everyone looks for ways to calm down. Some try yoga, others therapy… and there are those people who are just fed up with their stressful life and give up fighting against it, either… Continue Reading →

The Bullet Journal: the notebook you must have for the upcoming year

2016 has only few hours left (hopefully without further troubles). It was a long heavy strange year: terrorism, political wrong decisions and celebrities’ death were on their highest peaks. Everyone is complaining about this year, including me! But today, I… Continue Reading →

Muslims: Between misconception and radicalism

Today, I want to tell you about the Muslim me. This article won’t describe Islam: My religion is what it is, not what people are reflecting it to be (including me). But here, I want you to see the Muslim… Continue Reading →

There was a time when I believed in Feminism, like you

As an independent young woman, I was always pushed to think about this “boys versus girls” war and this injustice that women faces in life, either on a personal or a professional level. I have heard, as you, about feminism… Continue Reading →

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