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Open-mindedness & exchange are the key… to solve political conflicts

Lately, people became so closeminded on many levels, especially in politics and liberties, which helped the right wing parties to grow all around the world. In the era of mundialization, closemindedness kills that process itself, making us go many years… Continue Reading →

Democracy downfall and Digital governance

Democracy; the political model that everyone swears by today. But is it the best we could have for our societies? A questions that few think about. People are usually close minded when it comes to replace democracy. They are unable… Continue Reading →

The spectrum of introversion-extroversion

Nowadays the introversion’s subject became popular more than ever before. Introvert people that previously were seen as boring and shy became now considered as smart and creative. But, is it really the case? Are introverts smarter than extroverts? Is there… Continue Reading →

Why it’s okay for a winner to quit

We always hear that we should never give up on our dreams and who ever quits is considered as a looser. Quitting seems to be a negative decision with all that background we have been raised with, which is not… Continue Reading →

Self-discipline: The art of right decision making

We have been wasted at a very young age with wrong images of romance and emotions with fairy tales. And when growing up, we have been loaded with too much romantic movies where following your emotions can solve any problem… Continue Reading →

The Rejection & Commitment unbalanced balance

Today, we live in an era where we aren’t truly happy. We are all sad, stressed and consumed but the societies’ pressure and our bad habits. Rare are the people who are constantly happy and entirely satisfied with their lives. I… Continue Reading →

Muslims: Between misconception and radicalism

Today, I want to tell you about the Muslim me. This article won’t describe Islam: My religion is what it is, not what people are reflecting it to be (including me). But here, I want you to see the Muslim… Continue Reading →

There was a time when I believed in Feminism, like you

As an independent young woman, I was always pushed to think about this “boys versus girls” war and this injustice that women faces in life, either on a personal or a professional level. I have heard, as you, about feminism… Continue Reading →

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