Lately, people became so closeminded on many levels, especially in politics and liberties, which helped the right wing parties to grow all around the world. In the era of mundialization, closemindedness kills that process itself, making us go many years back.

People are self-centric, sitting in their comfort zones, believing the truth they always knew is the one and only truth. Because of that, some hate and blame others’ religions, since they believe their own is the true one. Others hate and are disgusted from others’ cultures, the way they eat or live, since they believe their culture is the only authentic one. Some people don’t understand others’ choices in life or who they are, just because it’s atypical to what they knew their whole life. This behavior, even being social, deeply affects our political systems.

The thing is, nothing is right or wrong, even mathematics isn’t an ultimate truth! It depends on the assumptions made and the perspectives chosen: a point in a plan could be a line in another plan for example.

Let’s get a “What if” moment all together: what if all people travel at least once in their life, to somewhere totally different to what they always knew (culturally, religiously, politically…), how open, peaceful, loving, sharing and tolerant will we be?

I believe that exchange is the key to better selves, but also a better world.

And the amazing thing is that it’s efficient even in politics: when you don’t know perspective of others toward a same historical event or a political choice, you can’t understand the position of a country or their citizens. And honestly, that’s the problem of almost all conflicts of the world.

Some nations are already aware of that, and investing in exchange programs.

It seems so stupid financing travel to people so that they have a great life changing experience. So stupid to people who never experienced that, to know how much exchange and life experiences can be powerful, either socially but also politically!

Our differences exist, that’s a reality. But instead of combating others’ differences, just because it doesn’t suit our way of seeing things or the way we have been raised, we have to embrace those differences, understand others and their positions, learn from them, be tolerant, be aware that there is no truth and that it’s not a competition. It’s an exchange that can fulfill our lives and made us more powerful, having a greater image on what the world is.

Sometimes, I admit, opening to new perspectives can challenge your own believes. But, if you believe strongly enough on your positions, nothing can destroy them. And if you don’t believe in them that much, maybe it’s time to go out of your comfort zone, take the risk to learn and maybe change your mind for the better.

There is not one truth, but many: everything is true from a perspective.

Traveling made me aware of all those different perspectives: I understood that my religion, even if it is the true one for me, isn’t the ultimate truth. I understood that my convictions are true, but not the ultimate truth neither. I understood that my political positions are true for me, but not the ultimate truth at all.

One of the examples I love to share is being born and raised in a kingdom and linving now in a republic. It’s two total different systems, but no one is wrong or right. Every system is suitable to its people and its context (cultural, historical…). And rare honestly are the people from republics who can understand that a monarchal system is democratic, more democratic than some republics. And this, I guess, is due to the lack of exchange between countries with different governance systems. Because of that, many aren’t open to understand that governance can come with many types and shapes, without being wrong.

I really don’t understand why we, humans, love to make others bend into our world, even if it’s our differences that make us who we are.

By meeting people from different places, I understand that even if I strongly believe in what I do and my convictions and even defend them, they’re only true for me, because of my background, my life, my culture, the way I’ve been raised, my life events… and since no one lived the way I did in all its details, that’s normal for our positions to be different. We shouldn’t blame others for that. Or blame them only for one point: being intolerant and judgmental instead of embracing those differences that made our world so colorful and non-boring!

When I see sometimes the energy that nations put on their diplomatic programs to solves some conflicts, I just want to say, make your youth travel and host others, make yourself an exchange point of ideas and convictions, make yourself a safe place for others to come understand your position, talk about yourself to others without imposing your position, and be open to others’ positions without trying to approve or disapprove. Nothing is absolute in life. Don’t be rigid; otherwise you will be easily broken with wind.