For many years, I was a coffee girl. I always started my day with a cup, another cup after lunch, a cup to end the day and a final cup to start the night. I usually drank 1L of coffee per day. Coffee was life to me. I never drank tea, even if it was actually the national drink of my country, Morocco. I’ve never liked its taste, so I’ve never did an effort to explore it.

One day, I had to cut off coffee. It was too strong for me, so for health purposes, my coffee’s consumption had to stop. Being a caffeine addict, it was impossible to stop coffee without replacing it. The solution was to give tea a try, even if I wasn’t really excited about the idea at first.

Spoiler alert: after three years of tea consumption, I honestly love it more than anything else.

I am so a tea girl that it’s almost the only thing I drink besides water! I have never though that a cup of tea can change my life and the quality of it. But here is why tea became my healthy addiction:

  • Green tea detoxes the body:

I do consume a large pallet of teas, but green tea is my everyday favorite. It has a detox and draining virtues that can be felt after a while of consumption. After three years, I feel less bloated and healthier.

  • Tea is good for heart rate and cholesterol:

With its calming effect, tea is good for your heart, and especially your heart rate. As a prevention or a help, drinking tea can help you to regulate you heartbeat and cholesterol.

  • Tea is good for skin:

With the anti-oxidants that it contains, tea is perfect to have a glowing healthy skin. With coffee I’ve always had a tired face, but now, my skin seems clearer and illuminated.

  • You never get bored:

There is two tea-types everybody knows: green and black tea. With only those two, you can have endless flavors: from floral tea to fruity ones, you can find the spiced teas, herbal ones… the possibilities are endless, going from very strong teas (like the black pepper flavored back tea) to subtle ones (like the almond flowers flavored green tea).
Then, there is other tea types not that common: oolong, white tea, red tea, blue tea, dahongpao, matcha tea. And those listed here are just what I already tasted myself. And for each one, there is a large pallet of flavors.

So, if you are someone that gets easily bored, like me, you will always have something new to try!

Bonus, here are some tips to enjoy fully your tea, I learned with time:

  • Buy some good quality tea:

Don’t name yourself a tea drinker if the only things you drink are those supermarket teas! And don’t even dare to compare with real tea please. I won’t be surprised also if you don’t like tea and the only thing you ever tried is those supermarket brands.

If you really want to taste some good quality beverage, buy tea in bulk and avoid tea bag forms. That way, you first see the visual quality of dried leaves and you also can adjust your water/tea-leaves ratio as you prefer.

  • Always have plane tea, to flavor it yourself:

I buy flavored tea, since it’s hard to create complex flavors. But you still can create some classics at home, like ginger, lemon, watermelon, cinnamon, mint… and for that, you need to buy plane tea (black or green) and you just need to add your fresh ingredient to have your special own tea.

  • No sugar please!

For two reasons: First, additif sugar is a poison that you should cut off as soon as possible. To know more about that read my article about that sweet white drug. Second reason is that sugar covers the real good taste of tea, which is a waste when you invest on a good quality one.

  • Respect infusion time:

People usually think that the more you infuse your tea more flavor you have. I honestly thought the same before. But no! Each tea has an infusion time. When exceeded, your tea become just bitter. So please respect your tea by respecting its time infusion.


After reading this, I hope teatime will become your best time of the day!


…But I should admit that, with all the love I have for tea, I just can’t live without coffee smell in the morning. #TeaDrinkCoffeeSmell