It may be disturbing to some people to read that title, but stress isn’t always a harmful emotion. The chronic stress exists, but it can be turn into good stress and it’s even vital for a healthy life: the stress that pushes you to give your full potential.

Hard to understand maybe, but stress is necessary to a blossomed life!

Personally, all best things in life happened to me when under stress: I am even writing this article on a crazy 15 days I travelled to four countries, with a lot of new info to absorb in mornings and work to do at nights, while maintaining a social life and a healthy sleep schedule. My brain is working at its full potential right now, but I can’t be happier!

As all emotions, stress is a natural reaction toward a situation, which releases some hormones to protect ourselves from danger. Stress occurs when there is changes in our life, when a situation is overwhelming, when we feel defeated with all what’s happening around. When it happens to you, your body reacts to protect you: it increases the mobilization of energy resources and your ability of adaptation. With those two things, if well controlled, magic can happen, really!

Stress is inevitable, otherwise you will live a slow repetitive boring life, where routine can kill you with time.

But if stress does you more harm than good, your reaction toward it can be positively improved. Don’t fight against stress, accept it and make it good for you: see it as a motivation and an opportunity to focus sharply on what’s happening around and a way to find solutions efficiently, making only what’s really important a priority without wasting your time.