We always hear that we should never give up on our dreams and who ever quits is considered as a looser. Quitting seems to be a negative decision with all that background we have been raised with, which is not always true.

All what you thought about quitting before isn’t all true!

In fact, it may seem contradictory, but quitting doesn’t mean losing in all cases. Of course, someone who always quits for no reason is someone lacking of ambition. But here, I’m talking about other situations, where quitting is the best option.

Every person has dreams in life. Those dreams are our fuel to work hard every day to reach what we are willing to. We build from those dreams some goals that should be achieved. Everyone will certainly agree with that.

The thing is, sometimes those dreams are beyond our capacities. Many people want to be the next Usain Bolt, but physically speaking, not everyone could achieve that, even with all world’s dedication. Unrealistic goals aren’t good or encouraging, they are even damaging. In a situation where the objective is impossible to achieve, quitting is the best option, by rethinking the goals and setting realistic ones.

There is no shame to think of quitting when it seems hard. It may even be benefic, because it helps you to step back and reevaluate the situation you are in.

Of course, quitting whenever it gets hard isn’t what you should do! Winners don’t quit in front of difficulties. Winners quit when the energy put on a goal exceeds way more the gain. They quit when the purpose is not worthy anymore. They quit when an event occurs that make all what was true false.

The key in life, is to know when to quit and when to persevere: That’s how winners are!

They always reevaluate their targets in life. They work hard but know how much to put on. When it becomes penalizing more than rewarding, they step back to see if something is wrong. If they feel that their initial plan is falling apart, they stop, to rethink their path or way of working.

Winning is about energy management. A winner is someone who knows how much and where to put energy on.

Let’s take an example: there was a man who had an idea and dreamed about the day his brand will become known all over the world. He started by working on his product, building his idea from scratch to a concrete object. Then, he started his business, gathering funds and loans for the money needed. But his product wasn’t doing well in the market. Since that person has been raised on a society where quitting is a failure, he kept pushing further without even taking a moment to step back. Until one day, everything fell apart: our “winner” lost everything and got in debt, even if he was hard working and ambitious!

What was wrong in this situation is that the man focused all his energy on his dream even if at one point he knew that he should have stopped and took a moment of reevaluation.

This happens to many people unfortunately: they keep pushing until all their world breaks down.

How real winners behave, is by always setting realistic goals first, and rethinking them whenever needed! They never push too hard before being sure they are on the right path. They know that quitting something to start fresh on something else more likely to be a success isn’t a failure. They keep in mind that their energy isn’t endless and they should use it wisely.

All successful people are workaholic and very perseverant, but they aren’t too much stubborn. Many of them quit at a certain moment, just to come back stronger, more likely to succeed.

We should never be afraid of quitting a path, an idea, or even a marriage, if there is no other way. Instead, we should make of situations’ constant reevaluation a habit, to manage our energy and set attainable goals.

A winner is not someone who never quits, but rather someone who knows when it’s necessary to quit.