I am today writing you about sugar, because everybody like it and cherish it, until calling the loved ones “sweetie”. After reading this letter, you may (or may not) change your mind about it.

I was like all other young people, consuming added sugar daily, in form of candies, soda and sweeteners. But more than two years ago, I decided to cut off (gradually of course) any added sugar from my dairy. This decision was first taken just to be in shape for summer, but then, looking up to the impact and also reading about the subject more, it made me aware of the real danger of the added sugar’s everyday intakes.

At first, it wasn’t easy at all. My morning coffees were tasting bitter, my juices sour, and the hardest part was not to yield to temptation of buying any sweet, especially marshmallows. But as time passed, it was becoming more a habit than an obligation. Today, I can’t drink my tea with sugar, it feels disgustingly sweet to my pallet. And this life changing decision got a really good impact on my health: I lost excess weight easier than before, I became healthier and now, I enjoy the real taste of everything I eat.

Overall, science is really clear about it: sugar should be considered as a drug.

It could be surprising (but true) to know that the human brain of an addicted to junk foods reacts toward sugar the same way a brain of a drug addict reacts to cocaine. The pleasure coming from eating sugar releases dopamine in the brain, which reinforces the addiction. Even though this comparison with drugs, science can’t determine the real level of addiction sugar may lead to. And preferring a macaron over an apple doesn’t mean that you are dangerously addicted to sugar. But what you should really be aware of, is that sugar have similar effects compared to drugs, and this should be a reason to watch your daily sugar intakes.

The other reason why I really prefer to avoid added sugar, is that science (again) reveals that our body doesn’t need all the sugar we take. If we take away all added sugar from our diet, we still get the sugar needed in many aliments we take, as fruits, bread, some vegetables, rice… If you have a well-balanced diet, you will never need that piece of sugar you put on your daily coffee. And another surprising fact, is that the added sugar provides what is known as “empty calories”, which is basically a form of calories that gives no nutriment along, meaning that it provides nothing good to the body. The other alarming fact is that even if you are a healthy person, eating added sugar in parallel may destroy the value of your balanced diet.

Also, excess in added sugar may lead to obesity and heart diseases. Just knowing that should encourage you to lower your sugar intakes and prefer the natural sweeteners that we can find in fruits for example.

Honestly, when I compare the time when I added sugar to my meals and drinks to now, I got healthier so easily, and everything taste better. My pallet get the real tastes of everything, which has been hidden before by the sweetness of sugar. And you can relate too: there is a huge difference between unsweetened coffee and sweetened coffee, unsweetened fruit salad and sweetened fruit salad, unsweetened tea and sweetened tea…

Since I am not a specialist of the subject, I obviously made some research to be able to write this article. Here is some interesting links I selected for you, if you want to read more:

For all those reasons and facts, you should first be aware of the quantity of sugar you take, then try to reduce it until banning added sugar from your daily intakes. Of course, a really delicious chocolaty brownie from time to time won’t kill you!